If you’re feeling low on confidence, facing relationship/management issues, have lost someone dear or if you’re feeling stuck and want to take your life to the next level.. reach out to me.. When I think about my own life, no one could have told me I would be doing what am doing now, born in a remote village Arrah in the state of Bihar in India. Going to a boarding school at the age of four, living for more than two decades like a dead soul in a moving body and because of the experience I felt after joining the Les Brown Institute it transformed my life and I can share the same techniques and strategies to transform yours too. I encourage you to invest in yourself and allow me to be the key to the lock in your life to reach heights you have never begun to imagine.

I remind you :

“You have something special, You have Greatness within you”

~ Les Brown


  • Live Your Dreams

  • Goal Setting For Champions

  • Champion Mindset- Sales Mastery

  • 9 Principles of Greatness

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Up thoughts for down times – Building Resilience

  • Keys for giving a Great Presentation

  • Leadership for the 21st Century

  • Relationship Management

  • Managing high-performance

  • Teams Work Life Alignment Overall Well- being


  • Improved self-confidence to achieve Personal and Professional Goals

  • Empowered individuals with increased productivity and performance

  • Improved relationships and purposeful life

  • Face Everything and Rise (conquer FEAR)

Contact shradhawtb@gmail.com to learn more.