Shradha is a Les Brown Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer, the first founding member from India to join the Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team, also chosen by the Les Brown Institute to be their first International Ambassador
She has been selected consecutively to go Live With Les on stage being one of the top few from all across the world. She has been invited repeatedly as a special guest to be on the Air Live on KYND 15 20 am, Houston Radio Channel to join Les Brown for his Monday Motivational Hour show.
 She has translated a passage titled The Harvard Creed in Hindi for John-Leslie Brown’s bestselling and award winning book The Harvard Effect. Neither being born in a remote village, nor being deprived of even touching books to read and write for over 13 years held her back from Living Her Dreams!

Shradha stands tall, focused and committed in all her enterprises as an experimental entrepreneur, whether it’s dispatching 40 trucks of LAM coke a day in the scorching deserts of India or run a Travel Agency from an air-conditioned office. She managed to create beautiful garment borders out of rags and turned them into riches, pulling a coup of all sorts by registering sales of half a million US dollars in no time. She helped launch an International luxury brand of chocolates with a commission of thousands of dollars per chocolate deal.

A serial entrepreneur, a budding author and a Life Coach spreading the message of Love and Hope and what the possibilities are when you bring them into your life and work culture, Shradha loves to help people lead a passion-fuelled, creative and purposeful life. She speaks, coaches, trains and motivates people and organizations to tap into their maximum potential taking their lives to the next level. She has trained groups at banks, universities and corporates.
Shradha has been featured on various podcast shows such as The Thriving Launch.
It is her endeavour to make people advance towards their goals by identifying strengths & creating plans to take right action to overcome their weaknesses. Shradha’s first book “Witness The Breakthrough” subtitled By Believing In Yourself is now a bestseller in 6 categories on Amazon. She is on her way to writing her second book which is an inspirational love story.

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“Shradha’s coaching

Rejuvenates me physically

Refreshes me mentally

Elevates me spiritually and

Enriches me  culturally!”

~Owner of a chain of Resorts and Hotels

“I know I’ve a long way to go before I come out of the self destructive path and use my full potential to turn my life brighter but I hope and pray that with the help of change agents like you I will.”

~R&D Director with a multinational Agro based chemical company

After coaching with Shradha,


1. Started living in the present moment.

2. I have started feeling more in control of myself.

~CA drop out working at a BPO

“Shradha is a consummate professional and learning leader.

Her dedication, passion, and intellect have no boundaries.

She knows how to build teams and introduces people to their potential. Shradha is a rising star”

~Oscar E. Arias – Chief Learning Officer, Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team

“A courageous girl with an undecided path has turned into a responsible daughter with a written destiny. Thanks for the love and confidence showed by you in me..

The way you helped to recover some of my doubts with dignity was remarkable..

The journey was smooth, enjoyable and caring. It was pleasing to share my life secrets with clarity so well understood by you.”

~An aspiring graduate looking forward to life

Shradha is an amazing Coach and Speaker.

Always a pleasure to work with her vibrant personality.

She is full of passion, positivity and has a great sense of understanding,

pulling the best out of me and everyone around her.

~Lynne Olius, MSW – Leadership Speaker, Coach and Trainer Founding member of The Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team

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